Space hotel

Students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have developed a new project of a space hotel. Its name . The idea is that everyone, who is capable, can relax and at the same time travel in space. If you get an investment for it, then in 2025 it will be ready to receive the first visitors. The issue of financial investments remains open and relevant. The hotel will have a fitness center and a bar. It will consist of eight rooms, one behind the other in a circle. The hotel will accommodate no more than twenty people, including staff. The cost of living there will be in the millions of dollars. Incredible at first glance, the idea may soon come true. At the same time, the need for the International Space Station will disappear. This is the first such an  idea in the hotel sphere, which can be realized. Although the cosmos has long been considered in terms of travel, yet no one has decided to open a hotel here. We can say that this is a breakthrough in the development of science and new technologies. It should be noted that, in addition to financial means, vacationers will have to have good health. After all, this is quite an extreme kind of leisure.

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