The change of the procedure for issuing US green cards

The US authorities are considering a new bill that will directly affect the rules for the submitting of green cards. The project was initiated by Republican senators, who later became its authors. The purpose of amending the current legislation of the country is to get the USA rid of low-skilled specialists, as well as workers of various spheres, who came to the country as a result of a visa lottery.
Legislators put forward a proposal to introduce a competitive procedure for obtaining a green card. So, in a priority there will be those applicants who speak English well, can independently provide themselves and the family.
In other words, they are people who are able to benefit the country’s economy.
The initiative was supported by the current US president Donald Trump, in his statement on the need to take steps, emphasizing that after the introduction of changes, employees of companies will earn more, because their owners will no longer be able to rely on a low-wage labor force – migrants, who are ready to work on the terms offered for the minimum possible salary.