Pandora novelty

The company Pandora gladly and always strives to please its fans with various novelties.

So now manufacturers have released an updated version of the bracelet Moments, which has brought them the world fame.

Like previous models, this version is made of 925 silver. Unlike previous models, this bracelet is equipped with stoppers with silicone inserts, which makes it convenient to fix them.

The model is presented in 3 different sizes, so that everyone will be able to find his unique ideal bracelet.

In Other aspects, the bracelet of this model is similar to previous versions: it can be worn with different pendants made of gold, with inlay, of various colors. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to create for themselves an individual variant of decoration, unique and original, and each suspension will remind of important and significant events in life. That’s why Pandora bracelets have been an ideal coveted gift all over the world for many years now.