Новый браслет от компании Pandora - Moments.

New bracelet from Pandora Company

The famous Danish brand surprised its fans again. This time the company decided to introduce the altered Moments bracelet to the public. This model is distinguished by two new charms. One of them is designed for the everyday image, and the second one is suitable for an evening out.
Buyers can choose one of the three sizes of the new bracelet available. All ornaments, which are put on it, allow to create a unique decoration. The bracelet itself is made of silver. The company makes all of its products from this metal. It goes with an instruction.
The bracelet is open. You can wear any charms on it at your discretion. This is the main distinguishing feature of the Pandora brand. Because of this, you can create a unique decoration. At the same time, gold jewelry, which is strung on it, can be of any different shades and shapes. Silicone inserts securely fix ornaments and separate them. This allows you not to worry about losing a precious bracelet. The bracelet serves as a kind of an amulet. Its owner will be able to remember about important events in her life and celebrate memorable dates. The novelty should come to the taste of all the fans of the brand.

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