Korea: nanotechnology against sepsis

Scientists from Korea have come up with ways to overcome sepsis without antibacterial drugs. There is a substance that will work as an antioxidant. These are cerium nanoparticles that have been doped with zirconium. When it is applied into the affected area, it will work according to the principle of a fire extinguisher. Scientists from Seoul created a drug on its base. The effectiveness of the remedy is due to the fact that it binds the oxygen radicals released by a body with an immune response in the infection epicenter.

In this case, oxygen is incredibly dangerous to the patient’s health, but the new substance blocks it and gives new methods of treating the disease. This is an extremely topical discovery, since throughout the world, WHO recommends the introduction of a ban on the freedom to sell antibacterial drugs. After all, their uncontrolled use leads to the fact that many strains develop resistance even to the strongest antibiotics. If you immediately treat the infection with such a drug, then the body will not be able to fight alone even with weak pathogens.

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