How to keep the apartment cool – doctors advices

Summer has come, rains and cold for two months in many regions did not allow to warm up the air and enjoy summer days. But in late July, after all, this summer has finally come, and many residents, due to their health, are very hard to tolerate the heat. What to do if you can not install air conditioning, and the house heats up so that it becomes even difficult to breathe.

Doctors gave their advices:

1. The biggest mistake is airing the room during the day. It is necessary to close the windows and curtain them. It is best to ventilate the rooms early in the morning and in the evening, when the heat was already asleep.

2. Cold liquid absorbs heat. Wipe hands, face and feet with cool water and it will be easier to carry the heat. Also pour cold water in the tanks and place them around in your flat, this will also reduce the temperature. A good solution is to get a bath full cold water and open the door to the room where it is located, this will also absorb heat.

3. Try to use less electrical appliances as they form additional heat.

4. Place a dryer with wet laundry in the room, and this will lower the temperature.

These actions do not increase the humidity in the rooms very much, but will significantly reduce the heat in the house when it is too hot. The most effective is the first action, the others will create a synergistic effect and the coolness in your rooms will be preserved for your benefit.