Five new Marriott hotels in Japan

Famous worldwide brand Marriott Hotels & Resorts opened 5 new hotels in Japan,. Thus, 800 more rooms became available for visitors to the country of the rising sun.
In total, in Japan at the moment there are about 40 hotels. In addition, another 10 will be put into operation in the near future. All of them are located near historical monuments or in the picturesque areas of the country.
All hotels offer a lot of various related services to their guests: bars, restaurants, dance halls, sports grounds, swimming pools and much more, which will make the rest even more pleasant and interesting.
The hotels seem to be intended only for recreation only at first glance. There are also rooms for negotiations and presentations, which will be appreciated by those who come to Japan on business.
And in Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel guests are getting another surprise: a planetarium with 166 seats for the guests of the complex.