Cabin – universal hotels on wheels will appear in California

Cabin – a new travel start-up is scheduled to launch in California in the very near future. Improved buses with comfortable sleeping cabins are designed to radically change bus trips, turning this uncomfortable for long and night trips transport, into the most economical and comfortable journey.

Cabin, already nicknamed by experts as 24 cabins hotel on wheels, which is an innovatively designed bus, is a kind of similar to the very popular in Japan capsule hotels.

Two tiers of small booths will be equipped with comfortable beds, a lift door, built-in tables for food  and several light sources.

Due to the fairly low cost of travel, with the route from Los Angeles to San Francisco will be about $ 115, as well as increased comfort, Cabin, according to experts, can make a significant competition to air travel. After all, in any case, all air passengers are forced to spend not only additional time for registration and landing, but also money, in order to get to the airport itself.