The strangest luggage of passengers during flights.

In July, the air carrier Virgin Atlantic conducted an unusual research on the strangest subjects that passengers tried to carry with them. Both Items were under consideration – hand luggage passengers carry on board, and those that were packed in the check-in luggage.

In an improvised rating, the first place can be awarded to a New York-London flight passenger, who tried to drop a whole cow carcass carefully packed in plastic wrap. And the tourist who flew from Britain to South Africa decided to take a bathroom and put it in the luggage compartment of the airport.

A passenger from Las Vegas took a fridge with food out of the house, probably being afraid to get hungry when flying. Virgin Atlantic customers came to check in with fish in water bags, car tires, a bed head and other unusual items.

And in early 2017, the airline’s management allowed one passenger to transport 15 kg of pancakes, which his mother had baked for his son.